Jode’s Stories

cerise 2022

images from an Uzbek home illustrate this story of finding meaning in one’s lifework

flock 2021

migrating snow geese at bosque del apache illustrate celebrating life transitions in the midst of loss

slag 2021

travel images from the big island are juxtaposed with a narrative exploring uncertainty beneath the surface of things

rue 2020

a narrative of memory is juxtaposed with images from iconic locations in santa fe

clique 2020

images from a ranch in whitewater illustrate a text about finding connection amidst displacement and loss

baste 2020

childhood photos and chagrin are stitched together in digital space remembering in the time of corona

shush 2019

photographs of rock creek park in washington d.c. invite remembering in this story about two sisters one Ohio summer long ago

far 2019

narrative juxtaposed with scanned travel photos from the late 80’s recall two sisters negotiating a west african journey

spoof 2018

personal photos, travel shots, and images from coimbra spoof an extended recovery from a hip replacement among skeletons in the closet

bone 2018

a hip xray, travel photos and images from 16th century capela dos ossos in evora, portugal, illustrate a text inspired by le chanson de roland to document hope after loss.  the silent opening in portuguese translates as “we bones that are here, for yours await”

putti 2018

childhood snapshot collages of nieces and nephews and recent digital photos are juxtaposed with music in a text of love

drift 2018

images from a balloon ride in jo’burg, south africa, and the balloon festival in albuquerque, new mexico, illustrate this memorial text for Bobby

cootie 2017

instagram photographs from alexandre brexa hooson, tunes by issa bagayoga and a short storyline document a relationship gone wrong

pongal 2017

in shared digital space, images by a young indian photographer, story and music invite celebration of life’s cycles

hobli 2017

text about hostel living on a rural campus near bangalore, india, is juxtaposed with devotional music and illustrated with unusual photographs of sacred yakshagana theatre to explore the eternal divine

madrasa 2017

photographs from a young indian film maker are juxtaposed with narrative text to document the gift of sight and a love of diversity

specter 2017

intensified in hue images of my niece’s yoga practice iare juxtaposed with music and poetry on the theme of love and loss

tipolo 2016

cropped travel photos juxtaposed with my constructed text explore how landscape might be remembered in the body’s geography 

ghat 2016

unedited images photographed at dawn juxtaposed with a closely edited text evokes meaning out of a simple human act of remembrance

hatch 2016

three non-narrative images illustrating a poem explore how the writing process probes grief and loss

crow 2016

photographed and recorded in the chapel of st. john’s episcopal church, the juxtaposition of voice, images and words imagine a yoga pose as an act of faith

safari 2015

text composed at pilanesberg game preserve in south africa is juxtaposed with unedited photographs taken by a young emerging artist in her hometown in free state